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Windrunner for Facebook are one of the version of the game available. This version is also available for download via Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS). By comparison, this is the least updated version of the game available currently.


Similar to other version of Windrunner, this is an endless running game. The goal of the game is to run as far as possible while collecting stars and avoiding obstacles along the way. Scores are calculated mainly on the distance that you have traveled combined with the amount of stars you have collected. Gold is rewarded after each run, which can be used to purchase new characters, pets, mount, and boosters.

Gifts can be sent to and received from friends of the player in order to receive items like boosters or gold. Players will also be competing in two differing groups for weekly rewards. The first grouping will be among the player's friends, while the second one would be the world grouping. Depending on the position of the player at the end of the week and the rank the player is in, rubies and gold will be awarded.

Game MechanicsEdit

Game CharactersEdit

There are three diffrents categories of Characters that you will be able to use. They are the Main Characters (a.k.a Characters), Pet Mounts (a.k.a. Mounts), and Summoned Pets (a.k.a. Pets).


Chloe Character

Treasure Hunter

Score/Gold +25%

Stella Character

Monster Hunter

Monster Score x2

Leo Character

Uncharted Explorer

Star Bonus x4

Kylie Character

Dark Princess

Fever Time Score x3

Start Dash 300m


Treasure Robber

Flight Score 3x

Start Dash 300m

Scarlet Character

Start Dash 300m

Double Score when obtaining item


Griffin Mounts

Tap and hold jump after your 2nd jump to glide for 1 sec.

Unicorn Mounts

Ability to triple jump.

White Tiger Mounts
White Tiger

Obtain twice as much Gold.

Fenrir Mounts

Revive once every game.

Faun Mounts

Shield x1

Additional shield for evolving.

Pegasus Mounts

Invincible to Fireballs

Glide for 1 sec when evolved.