These are items that you can start with

Start DashEdit

Start Dash
  • A quick boost in distance so you can run at a later part of the map.
  • Stacks with Character's Start Dash and Tapio's special ability.
  • Pushes Fever Mode back.  (Should the fever meter reach 100%, Fever cannot start unless Sky Fly and Start Dash has ended.  The fever meter will remain at 100% until they end.  At that point, the fever mode starts.  Note also that the next fever will start later due to the meter starting at 0% after fever has ended.  In other words, there is no carry-over.)
  • Sometimes the game will prompt you for a 2x Start Dash score for 2 Rubies.


  • Protection from fireball, icicle spikes, monsters, and poison clouds.
  • Does not protect from falling into a pitfall, or getting trapped at the edge of the screen (crushed).
  • Sometimes the game will prompt you if you want to upgrade the Barrier to a Resurge for a few rubies.
  • Resurge grants you protection from a pitfall or being crushed.
  • When dragon is evolved, the barrier will not disappear should you fall or are crushed while the dragon still has refresh.

Last SpurtEdit

Final Spurt
  • Grab some final points.
  • Stacks with the special ability of some Legend summons.


  • If your current character's run has ended, pass the baton to the next runner.
  • Set the relay follow-up runner in the character selection screen.
  • If you equip a second Relay via Whiteyboo, the second relay will use your designated relay character.