Regular StarsEdit

Type Point Value
Copper Star
Bronze Star 1
Silver Star
Silver Star 2
Silver Star Hollow
Removed  0
Gold Star
Gold Star 3
Gold Star (Hollow)
Removed 0
Big Star
Majick Star 25
{legendary Star} Legendary Star 50

Winged StarsEdit

Type Point Value
Winged Copper Star
Winged Bronze Star 3
Winged Silver Star
Winged Silver Star  6
Winged Hollow Silver
Removed 00
{Winged Gold Star} Winged Gold Star 9
Winged Hollow Gold
removed 00
{Winged Majick star} Winged Majick star 75
{Winged Legendary Star} Winged Legendary Star 150


  • + Point modifiers from the riding pet and character are applied while collecting the star but are not shown except via the score.  

For example, with a +10% score modifier, a Bronze Star would be worth 1.1 points.

at 375$ a Bronze Star is worth 3.75, whereas a Winged Legendary start is worth 562.5

    • The score is modified after the values of the base star chain is recieved, in other words the bonus is not applied unless you finish a chain or time out about .5 seconds after the last Star is collected.
    • the decimal values do NOT add OR multiply IF the chain doesnt complete with a higher than .9 value OR the total decimal value is less than
  • Star bonus is a bonus of +50% in the total chainstars for each type of star in the chain, yeilding a current maximum of 200% bonus {apart from other bonus effects of course}