Windrunner Shoe

A Shoe.

Shoes are an important item in the game as it allows the player to start a run. Unlike other items in the game, Shoes need not to be purchase and will replenish once every 10 minutes for up to 5 Shoes.

Obtaining Extra Shoes Edit

Other than waiting for the Shoes to replenish, Shoes can also be obtained using the other method as well. Shoes obtained using any one of these methods will have no limit cap, although as long as the amount of Shoes at any one time is more than five, Shoes will not auto replenish. The following are some of the methods of obtaining extra Shoes:

  • Ask from friend: The easiest way to obtain additional Shoes is to ask from friends. You can do that by either selecting the "Let's Get FREE Shoes!" button among the Friend List, or selecting the "Get Free Shoes" button from the message list.
  • Obtain from Mystery Boxes: Shoes, among other rewards, can also be obtained at random from Mystery Boxes sent by friends.
  • Obtain from Treasure Boxes: Shoes are also obtainable through Treasure Boxes, although as random as well, much like Mystery Boxes. Usually, two Shoes can be obtained per Treasure Box.
  • Breaking own High Score: If a player have less than five Shoes and was able to beat his/her own Best Score or his/her current score in the weekly World Ranking, Shoes will automatically be replenish to its full amount.
  • Purchasing: Shoes can also be purchase either using Rubies or direct purchase. For Facebook version of the game, there is only 4 options available to be purchase; two using direct purchase and two using Rubies. Kindly refer to Currency for LINE version of the game on this topic.
Price Shoes Bonuses
5 Rubies


10 Rubies 10 +5 Extra Shoes
US$0.99 5 +1 of every Boosters
US$2.99 10 +10 of every Boosters


  • Shoes seem to based of the winged sandal of Hermes, an Olympian god in Greek mythology.
    • It is rightfully so, as Hermes is said to be the protector and patron of travellers, athletics, and sports.
  • Although not possible to be purchased one at a time (minimum Shoes purchase will reward you with 5 Shoes), to buy 1 Shoes will cost the player 1 Ruby or approximately US$0.10.