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A Ruby.

are one of the currency used in the game. It is more valuable compared to Gold, and can be used for a lot of important game function, such as evolving Mounts and purchasing new Characters.

Obtaining Rubies Edit

Like Gold, Rubies can be obtain in-game without the needs of direct purchase, although the amount is fairly limited. The following are methods of obtaining Rubies in the game:

  • Logging in: Like Gold, Rubies are awarded as part of the Daily Rewards when you log in after 12:00 a.m. (PST/GMT -7). The amount of Rubies depends on how many and which days the player have logged in during a five-day cycle for Daily Reward.
  • Inviting Friends: As the game is a social game, openly invinting friends by posting on their wall will earn you a Ruby. You can only send one invite per day this way. The invitation can be send by selecting the Post button on the Recommended row if the Friend Ranking (refer Gallery below).
  • World Ranking: On a weekly basis, the player will be competing in a group of 50 players under the World Ranking. The ranking is based on the score of the player, and by the end of the week, Rubies and Gold will be awarded based on the position of the player in a certain rank.
  • Purchasing: Rubies can only be directly purchased using real world currency. Like the LINE version of the game, there are six options to choose from. For information on Rubies-US$ exchange rate for the LINE version, please refer Currency.
Price (US$) Rubies Bonuses
0.99 10 None
2.99 30 None
4.99 50 None
9.99 100 +10 Rubies
29.99 300 +45 Rubies
49.99 500 +100 Rubies

Usage Edit

Rubies, while no easy to obtain other than to purchase it directly, are very useful in the game. The following are the usage of Rubies in the game:

  • Purchasing Characters & Mounts: Rubies can be used to purchase certain Characters and Mounts in the game.
  • Evolving Mounts: When Mounts reaches Level 25, they can be evolved using Rubies.
  • Purchasing: Rubies are unique, as it can be used to buy other important in-game items, such as Gold and Shoes. You may have a look at the pricing for these two items here and here.


  • 1 Ruby roughly cost US$0.10.
  • Player can earn between 8-13 Rubies per week just by collecting Daily Rewards. The weekly amount varies because the Daily Rewards goes on a five-day cycle.