Riding pets are mounts with unique abilities that would be essential in your daily run. Riding pets enhances the duration of items, wing star points, scores and gold during your run.

PURCHASING - Riding pets could be acquired by using gold or rubies. Lower ranking riding pets could be obtained by gold while higher ranking riding pets could only be purchased using rubies.

LEVEL UP - Even if a riding pets special abilities turn out to be useless, a fully levelled riding pet also offers a +25% increase to score and gold while also extending the time that any Items collected during a run will remain active. Leveling up a Riding Pet would require gold and enchantment stones.

EVOLVING - It is possible to evolve most pets, the White Tiger being a notable exception. However, unless evolve is mentioned in the special abilities, the only real benefit to an evolution would be a gold/score increase. after the pets is evolving, the pet will reset in level 1 again and you can level it until level 25 with gold. after level 25, you can still level your pet but this time you will need enchantment stones.

C-Rank Riding Pets Edit

White Tiger Griffin Unicorn

B-Rank Riding Pets Edit

FEN1 Faun1
Fenrir Faun

A-Rank Riding Pets Edit

DR1 Elk1 AB1 9T1 GR1
Dragon Elk Axebeak Nine-Tailed Fox Hippogryph

S-Rank Riding Pets Edit

Hell1 Peg1 GD1 BG1
Hellhound Pegasus Green Dragon Blue Dragon
Gt1 Sheep1 Cat1 Phoenix1
Crag Sheep Nimbus Sheep Bastet Phoenix