Items that can be collected during a run


Copper Star
Silver Star
Silver Star Hollow
Gold Star
Gold Star (Hollow)
Big Star
Winged Copper Star
Winged Hollow Silver
Winged Hollow Gold
  • Add points to your score.  See Stars for more details.

Incredible Giant ItemEdit

Incredible Giant
  • Grow really big
  • Large size takes up more space.  Allows you to collect more stars, especially useful in fever mode.
  • Invulnerable to poison clouds, fireballs, icicle spikes, whirlwinds, and monsters
  • Icicle spikes and monsters that you plow through may have a chance to yield winged stars.
  • Fireballs will not yield winged stars (unless you are using A-Rank+ Stella).
  • Poison clouds and whirlwinds do not yield winged stars.
  • During incredible giant mode, you do not bounce off of monsters, you stomp and plow through them.  Keep this in mind if you usually bounce from a monster over a pitfall.  You won't bounce, you'll run straight through and off the edge if you don't jump.
  • Incredible Giant is still vulnerable to fall damage or being trapped by upraised terrain.  Jump!
  • When Incredible Giant Ends, a shockwave is emitted that clears about a seconds worth of obstacles in your path.

Magnet itemEdit

  • Pulls stars toward you.  Allows you to collect stars without the need to jump around.
  • Does not pull items.

Sky Fly ItemEdit

  • Briefly fly in the sky, ignoring pitfalls, poison clouds, monsters, fireballs, and icicle spikes.
  • Icicle spikes and monsters that you pass may have a chance to yield winged stars.
  • Fireballs will not yield winged stars (unless you are using A-Rank+ Stella.)
  • Poison clouds do not yield winged stars
  • When Sky Fly ends, a temporary cloud bridge forms.

Magic Star ItemEdit

Magic Star
  • First one of these items appears randomly at the 2,250 meter mark.
  • Makes multicolored stars appear.  (Like Mario's P-Switch makes coins appear, either from thin air or from blocks [1])
  • Substitutes regular stars for multicolored stars.
  • Does not appear to be upgradeable when leveling riding pet.
  • If you have last spurt, a rather nifty trick is to somehow end your run upon grabbing the magic star.  Since flying greatly enhances your speed, you cover significantly more ground in the 7.5 seconds that this item is active than if you were running, meaning you'll have a chance to obtain a sizeable collection of multicolored stars.

Fever ItemEdit

  • Automatically go to FEVER stage
  • Getting a Super Fever is also possible

Bomb ItemEdit

  • Wipes out all of the obstacle on the screen in an instant
  • Obstacles include boulders, spikes, monsters, fireballs and tornado