In the running adventure game “LINE Wind Runner”, characters play an important role in getting a high score in both Championship and Adventure Mode. Characters could be powered up, combined and awakened to further improve their stats and abilities.

There are many ways to acquire character cards; the easiest way would be by purchasing card packs from the store. Purchasing premier card packs with rubies will allow players to acquire character cards with higher rank.

Powering Up – Powering up your character cards would increase its score/gold bonus and start dash distance. Powering up would require gold and another card that would be consumed during the upgrading process.

Combination – Combining would enable your character cards to be upgraded to a higher rank. Combining two +5 same ranked character cards would result to a random character card with a higher ranking from the combined cards. Combining two +5 same ranked and same character cards would result to the same character card with a higher rank. (e.g. Combining a +5 C-Rank Chloe and a +5 C-Rank Luke would result to a random +0 D-Rank character while combining two +5 C-Rank Chloe would result to a +0 D-Rank Chloe).

Awaken- Upgrading a S-Rank cards beyond +5 is called Awaken. Awakening is like a combination of power up and combine. You can Awaken a S-Rank character cards with +5 and above by consuming another +5 S-Rank character card (or Awakening card). You can awaken a character card until it reaches the maximum level of +15.

Upgrade CardsEdit

Upgrade cards are cards that could only be consumed to power up or awaken a character card

Enhance Awaken
Enhancement Card Awakening Card

Normal Character CardsEdit

Normal character cards are the main characters that could be acquired in the game.

Chloe1 Stella1 Leo1 Kylie1
             Chloe              Stella Leo Kylie
Luke1 Scarlett1 Lily1 Chris1
Luke Scarlet Lily Chris

Promotional / Limited Character CardsEdit

Promotional / Limited character cards are special character cards that are only available for a certain amount of time.

Daisy1 Monica1 Cony1 Brown1
             Daisy              Monica Cony Brown
SantaChloe1png SakuraKylie1 NinjaLeo1 G.like1
Santa Chloe Sakura Kylie Ninja Leo Sir Luke