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Boosters are items or power-ups that you can use during a run. Each boosters are for one time usage only, and is in effect from the beginning of the run. In total there are four Boosters: Start Dash, Shield, Last Spurt, and Relay. All Boosters can be purchase right before the start of a run, or can be obtained as a gift from friends.

Type of Boosters Edit

Start Dash Edit

Start Dash is a booster that gives you a starting push, bypassing and destroying all obstacles, and collecting all stars along the way. Start Dash usually will gives a push of 400 meters to the player.

Price 300 Gold
Boosters Start Dash

Start Dash in effect. Characters and pets are engulf in orange aura and rush through everything.

Characters/Mounts with Start Dash Kylie, Luke
Pets with Start Dash Gold Pelican


Shield is a booster that protects once you from running into static obstacles, such as monsters and fireballs. It will be forfeited if the player falls into chasm or got squished against cliff.

Price 1000 Gold
Booster Shield

Shield in effect. It takes the form of a sphere bubble around the Character.

Characters/Mounts with Shield Faun
Pets with Shield Bubbly Sea Horse

Last SpurtEdit

Last Spurt is activated once the Character is unable to run anymore, such as hitting a static obstacle or falls into chasm. Last Spurt will bypass and destroy all obstacles, and collect all stars, usually for a default three seconds.

Price 500 Gold
Boosters Last Spurt

Last Spurt in effect. Characters are rushing through with red-orange aura.

Characters/Mounts with Last Spurt None
Pets with Last Spurt Wild Hearted Boar


Relay is activated once the main Character used is unable to run anymore. A second relay Character will then used to continue the run. After relay is activated, skills from the second Character will be in effect, instead of the main one.

Price 1200 Gold
Boosters Icon Full

Relay Icon on the top right corner, the third from the left side.

Characters/Mounts with Relay None
Pets with Relay None

Others MethodsEdit

Other than buying, the following methods can also be used to obtain boosters.

  • Obtained from Mystery Boxes: Each Mystery Boxes received from friends will have the chance of rewarding the player with a Booster, among other items.
  • Obtained from Treasure Boxes: Treasure Boxes from Social Points rewards and Daily Mission Rewards will usually rewards the player with two of any Boosters, among other items.