Adventure Mode is a new mode added to the game on February 2, 2015. Each day starting at 9:00 a.m., the player can run a "dungeon" to earn keys. Keys can be redeemed for prizes.

The daily dungeons stay the same from week to week, and different characters are recommended for each one. If you use the recommended character for the day's dungeon, you get a score bonus (but note that it's possible to get an even higher score with a different character if that character is higher level or better equipped than the recommended character).

Monday: Yoke Dungeon, pink keys

Tuesday: Disaster Dungeon, green keys

Wednesday: Destiny Dungeon, blue keys

Thursday: Abundance Dungeon, red keys

Friday: Victory Dungeon, black keys

Saturday: Happiness Dungeon

Sunday: Glory Dungeon

On the weekends, you earn the keys that you have the fewest number of. Keys are redeemed in groups, so you must have at least one of each colour before you can redeem any of them.